Treating the

soul of interior design


Without a doubt, furnishings are the soul of the interior design of your home, and these things need to be taken care of as if they were born just yesterday. But what do you do when it comes to cleaning and reviving these pieces of art on a regular basis? Do you do it on your own? Do you pay someone professional to do it? Do they know the basic difference between cleaning and deep cleaning?

There seems to be quite a hassle around this subject matter since the beginning and what to do, what not to do. This is why here at Fabo we have been taking each of the amenities differently.

Our cleaning methods of Sofa are different from that of a bed which is different from the method of cleaning the curtains. No procedure is the same and never will be, because we understand the materials, stains, and the values of each of the furnishings.

Our cleaning and deep cleaning subjects include:

  • Curtains
  • Cushions.
  • Bedding and mattresses.
  • Wall hangings and tapestries.
  • Rugs.
  • Chair coverings.
  • Sofas.
  • Bean bags.
  • Carpets.
  • Doormats.
  • Window Coverings.
Fabo has Free Pick up and Delivery

Free Pickup & Delivery
Scheduled time can be changed with Fabo

Scheduled time can be changed by you
Fabo laundry delivers freshly packed clothes

Freshly packed clothes
Fabo laundry uses Organic Chemicals

Organic Chemicals
Fabo uses Imported Machines

Imported machines


Furnishing laundry by Fabo 1
Furnishing laundry by Fabo 2
Furnishing laundry by Fabo 3
Furnishing laundry by Fabo 4
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