Fabo is for fabulous fabric.

Fabo is a one stop cleaning destination for all kinds of fabrics cleaning needs.

Garment cleaning by Fabo


Furnishings cleaning by Fabo


Shoe laundry by Fabo


Quilts and Carpets cleaning by Fabo

Quilts & Carpets

Leather garments cleaning by Fabo

Leather Garments & Shoes

Designer wear laundry by Fabo

Designer Wear Dress

Suits and Silk Sarees laundry by Fabo

Suits and Silk Sarees

There’s more to Fabo along with fabulous fabrics

Moth Proofing by Fabo

Moth Proofing

Moth Proofing by Fabo

Minor Repairs

Button Stitching by Fabo

Button Stiching

Collar bone Replacement by Fabo

Collar Bone Replacement

Curtain Ring Replacement by Fabo

Curtain Ring Replacement
All these services at NO EXTRA COST
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