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Leather Garments

Even though the peak of leather garment has curtailed since the 90s, it can still be seen almost everywhere, and many would
own at least one leather jacket for those winter arrivals. We get it. And since the leather material is one of its kind (can be
divided into, Full Grain Leather, Top Grain Leather, Corrected Grain Leather, and Bonded Leather), we use different cleaning
approaches for it, and no, none of them include ‘warm water & dish soap’.

So whether it is your leather coat, hat, or jacket, you know where you can send it to be treated with care.

Fabo has Free Pick up and Delivery

Free Pickup & Delivery
Scheduled time can be changed with Fabo

Scheduled time can be changed by you
Fabo laundry delivers freshly packed clothes

Freshly packed clothes
Fabo laundry uses Organic Chemicals

Organic Chemicals
Fabo uses Imported Machines

Imported machines


Leather cap cleaning by Fabo
Women_s leather jacket laundry by Fabo
Men_s leather jacket laundry by Fabo
Men_s leather jacket laundry by Fabo 2
Leather Hat laundry by Fabo
Leather jacket laundry by Fabo
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