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Moth Proofing by Fabo

Moth Proofing

Moth proofing is a finishing which is given to prevent the growth of moths and fabric eating insects Not many individuals
understand the significance of moth proofing and how it can prevent the soul of a fabric from being damaged. In case you’d like
to moth proof your fabric, we are always available for you.

Minor Repairs by Fabo

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs on any fabric like a small stitch or a small patch may look like a minor task but can be very tedious.
If in doubt that it is not your cup of tea, then we’ve got just the service for you.

Button Stitching by Fabo

Button Stitching

Buttons are a traditional way of holding it all together until the mechanism of zips came along. But even though zips have the
same purpose, it just won’t look good on a formal shirt would it? And buttons, even though they look classy, they always have
the same old flaw of getting loose and shattering the entire look of the attire. So, just in case you’ve never learnt how to
stitch a button and youtube is not coming in handy, we are here for you.

Collar Bone Replacement by Fabo

Collar Bone Replacement

When was the last time you replaced the collar bone of your shirts? And are you really familiar with the procedure of how it goes?
Probably not, not everyone is. So when you feel like the collar bone of your shirt is crumbled or not stiff and is just not up to the mark,
we will take up the responsibility of replacing it.

Curtain Ring replacement by Fabo

Curtain Ring replacement

Replacing your curtain rings. Sounds very easy if you’ve never tried it but once you do, you’d want someone else to do it for you.
Let’s be honest, it’s time taking, you have to be careful in order to not rip off the hoops on the curtain when removing the rings and
make sure it is intact with the curtain itself. That’s just hectic, which is why we’ll take up the responsibility of replacing it.

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