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Quilts & Carpets

The thought of cleaning and especially deep cleaning quilts and carpets can give you a headache. We get it.
After all these are the most painstaking and hardest of the furnishings out there.
They require enough manpower, different cleaning materials and most importantly time.

There are many types of quilts and carpets and especially in India, the number just increases. When it comes to quilts,
there’s our own Jaipuri quilts and then Pieced, Appliquéd, Paper Pieced, and English Paper Pieced. And then when it comes to carpets,
there’s woolen, silk, cotton, synthetic, jute, and much more.

Cleaning and treating all of the above stated is not a simple task, as each of them require different treatment.
But we are here to deal with it.

So when it comes to cleaning your quilts and carpets, you just need to click here.

Fabo has Free Pick up and Delivery

Free Pickup & Delivery
Scheduled time can be changed with Fabo

Scheduled time can be changed by you
Fabo laundry delivers freshly packed clothes

Freshly packed clothes
Fabo laundry uses Organic Chemicals

Organic Chemicals
Fabo uses Imported Machines

Imported machines


Quilt laundry by Fabo
Quilt laundry by Fabo 2
Quilt cleaning by Fabo
Quilt laundry by Fabo 3
Carpet cleaning by Fabo
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